Vision’s VFM-F10 floorstand is here to transform meetings, leave paper flip charts in the past and start using digital flip charts to generate and foster new ideas. Perfectly suited for displays sized 50-55” including the Samsung Flip.

Move your displays easily between rooms

For businesses and schools with multiple meeting rooms, this stand enables you to invest in a fleet of digital whiteboards or Samsung Flips and then move them simply between rooms when required. Our floorstand was designed to easily fit through a standard width door with cable management and medical-grade 4” castors which enable the stand to glide over bumps and stay stable on any surface.

Collaborate constantly

Perfect for flipping between presentation and collaboration modes on your displays, this floorstand gives you the ability to switch your display between portrait and landscape orientation rapidly, at the start or during meetings.

Sleek design

The Vision design team worked with integrators to solve a number of common gripes with existing products. Its design ensures it slots into your already existing huddle space and is easy to transport and install. , its modular design means it is delivered in a single box and is fast to build, while its dimension means it takes up a similar space to an old school paper flip chart!