TC3 Faceplate System

System Overview

Techconnect is a modular audio-visual faceplate family engineered especially for AV installers.

A “surround” which comes in two parts fits to a backbox (or “mudring” if your wall is hollow), then the modules fix in place to complete the installation. Techconnect is based around standard UK backbox sizes, but Vision also offers mounting hardware for other countries.


Improved Fit and Finish
In Techconnect3 every element of Techconnect has been reconsidered and improved. From more space behind the modules stash cables, to narrower and more even gaps between modules.

Modern Matt White
Pure white with a chiselled profile, Techconnect3 also has 11 mm of flat space above and below the connectors for information or company branding stickers.

Techconnect3 has shorter modules and extra ribbing to reduce module flex. On parts where flex is desirable to avoid shattering ABS plastic is used.

Screw-In Modules
The modules have a tab that hooks into the surround at the bottom, then a couple of turns of the pre-installed screw lock the module into place.

All modules, mounting hardware, and cables are sold individually or in simple packages which can be used as a starting point.

Let the Techconnect Configurator help you select the parts you need and send you a shopping list.

Techconnect Modules

Passive Modules
The system offers a very wide range of passive pass-through modules for AV, IT, and pro-audio applications.

Amp and Control Modules
Install a powerful audio amplifier or a universal controller right next to the connectivity modules. The faceplate is close at hand and securely fastened in place.

Techconnect Cables

Vision offer professional pre-prepared cables for use with the Techconnect system. 

A major cost component of cables is copper. Techconnect cable balances cost and quality providing conductors which carry sufficient current to support high resolution signals, and the shielding is evenly wound to avoid jitter and flagging. Ferrite Cores on VGA, USB, and HDMI cables eliminate RF induction noise.

VGA, Phono (RCA), and Minijack Techconnect cables have phoenix connectors on one end which plugs right in to the rear of the modules. These phoenix connectors can easily be removed to pull cables.

EDID Support
Vision’s VGA cable included the SDA and SCL data lines to support EDID handshakes which allows the display device to communicate its supported display modes.

No Soldering
Faceplates that require soldering take time to build onsite, and – even for experts – create a possible point of failure in the system. Techconnect de-risks an installation.


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