TC3 USB-B to USB-A Module with active booster circuit

TC3 USBB+ EU SAP: 3446582 US SAP: 12980832

“B” type socket on the front as found on a printer chassis
“A” type socket on the rear as found on a laptop chassis
Active circuit uses 5v carried on USB to boost signal
Occupies 1 module space
USB 3.0

This module is part of Vision’s Techconnect connectivity faceplate family.

Fixes to Surround

Techconnect modules fix into a surround, which in turn fixes to a backbox, mudring (for hollow walls), or a table faceplate.


If you break a module or need to change it in the future, just replace that part – not the entire faceplate.


Get to site and the client changes what they want on their AV faceplate? No problem.


Techconnect parts are robust for the rigours of every day use. They include strengthening ribs and reinforcing where required.


For over 15 years Techconnect has improved and developed into one of the most popular AV faceplates in the world.

  • Color
  • White
  • Material
  • ABS Plastic
  • Product dimensions
  • 64 x 21 x 45 mm / 2.5" x 0.83" x 1.77"
  • Product weight
  • tbc
  • Packaged weight
  • tbc
  • Packaged dimensions
  • tbc
  • 10m
  • For longer cables external power may be required
  • Spare power supply for old 2.0 module
  • TC2 P12V0.5A [EU SAP: 2940992/ US SAP: 13445460]
    Note: any 12v power supply with greater than 0.5A can be used.
  • Spare power supply for current 3.0 module
  • TC2 P5V2A [EU SAP:2940996/ US SAP: 13445529]
    Note: any 5v power supply with greater than 2A can be used.
  • TC3 USBB+ [EU SAP:3446582 / US SAP: 12980832]
  • Country of Origin
  • China

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