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Digital Signage HDMI-over-IP

  • Distributes HDMI via a network
  • H.265 compression
  • One-to-One directly over a LAN or directly
  • One-to-Many over LAN
  • IR Pass-through
  • USB 1.1 transmission
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  • HDMI-over-IP Transmitter
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  • HDMI-over-IP Receiver
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The TC-HDMIIP/3 converts HDMI signal into TCP/IP packets for transmission over a standard LAN network. With no visible loss of video quality it is perfect for corporate and digital signage applications.

Beware of cheap alternatives that flood your network!


  • USB Over Network

    It can support USB version 1.1 from the transmitter to all receivers. Each receiver has two USB ports for adding flexibility. This is for USB peripherals like keyboard, mice, but not applications that demand high bandwidth like interactive displays.   

  • Scalable

    Transmitters and receivers sold separately so you can scale your system.

  • Advanced EDID Copy

    A reset button restores EDID to default, or for advanced applications holding either of the reset buttons down will copy the display EDID to the transmitter.

  • One to Many

    Need to display one source on many screens? This product multi-casts, so you can have one transmitter for the source, and over 100 x receivers can sit on the network – one for each display. Only one transmitter per network.

  • Point to Point without LAN

    Connect one transmitter directly to a receiver and completely bypass a network. This will work with a standard CAT6 cable up to 150 m (492 ft) on a high quality cable.

  • Maximum Length

    When using a LAN the signal will be repeated by each node on the network, resulting in unlimited length.

  • HD

    Fully HDCP 1.4 compliant, it supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz.

  • Audio

    Digital audio which is encoded on the HDMI signal is transmitted.

  • IR Pass-Through

    Control the source device from the display with the IR pass-through. An IR blaster and receiver cable is included, and it supports standard 20-60 kHz IR signals.

  • Plug and Play

    EDID (extended display identification data) is automatically passed through. Just connect everything together and it will work immediately.

  • H.265 Compression

    Video is compressed using the H.265 protocol. Images are full colour with smooth motion.

  • LAN Protocols

    Despite using the standard IP protocols you don’t need to be a network engineer. All end points must be on the same subnet… that’s all you need to know. For best results use a stand-alone network for this system.

  • Dual-Power

    This product requires a power supply for each transmitter and receiver. It does not use PoE.

  • Unmanaged Switch

    Many video-over-IP solutions require a managed switch so that IGMP snooping can be enabled, but in this case no advanced switch setup is required. A low cost unmanaged switch can be used.

  • Multiple Sources

    If you need more than one source to be distributed over one physical LAN you can use Virtual LANs to separate the topologies. The systems are kept separate and cannot be used as a matrix. A DHCP switch assigns IP addresses to each end point and is used to create the vLANs.

  • Auto Standby

    If the input is shut off the display will be allowed to go to sleep.

  • Not Backward Compatible

    This version uses a Sigmastar chipset and is not compatible with the previous v2 product which uses a HiSilicon chipset. 



    TC-HDMIIP/3 [EU SAP: / US SAP: tba]

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