This is the final blog in a series on Vision AV’s process of product development where we will explore the real world testing phase. As a vendor, being so close to the market allows for a quick feedback and redesign process with end users.

When Vision’s products complete their initial design phase, it’s time for real world tests. This stage answers the kind of questions that are not immediately answered by blueprints:

• Will it bear the required weight safely and consistently?
• Is it ergonomic and straightforward to use?
• Will it provide a long lasting and durable solution?

Questions like these and more lead to a prototyping and re-design feedback loop that culminates in a smart, reliable and technical design. Once in factory prototyping is complete, we ship the product to our testing teams across the globe for feedback.

With quality at the forefront of the Vision design ethos, we’re ahead of the competition with our testing phases. In all cases we try to ensure products are as simple as possible for the integrator, for instance our F-series arrive 80% constructed, so the integrator only has to cover steps specific to their installation.