This blog is the the second in our series about the Vision AV product development process. Many of our customers ask us if there is a catch to the Vision lifetime warranty, and when we say no they ask how are we confident enough to offer lifetime warranty on Vision’s products? The answer is simple, we are at the heart of every element of the product design and manufacture.

Once we have an idea for a product we go through a rigorous product design, prototyping, and testing process. For example, the recent Halo modification that provides vertical tilt functionality for Microsoft Surface Hub2S on the VFM-F10 is a perfect example: we selected a steel alloy that provides the most efficient deployment of strength, durability and mass. Next that information is utilised to generate an architecture of ergonomic weight distribution. This crucial stage is where we generate value for resellers and end users, where grams and millimetres make a world of difference. The result is a product that can be easily swapped into the existing VFM-F10 stand that provides all new features while maintaining the balance and durability of the original mount.

If you’d like to try one of our floor stands then give us a call and we’ll dispatch a demo stand for you to try out…in the smallest box possible!