This is the first in a series of three blogs covering the Vision AV product development process covering the idea, design and prototyping.

Vision products are crafted for purpose with the installer in mind. Our design team comes from the AV industry, with decades of on site and manufacturing experience, ensuring that we are focused on delivering products which offer smart on site experience.

Ahead of any product design we consult our customers. Thanks to our valued distribution partner, which can provide data insights into the needs of customers and provides a pool of specialists in every branch of AV. These assets help us ascertain what users demand we can cater to.

The design process has never been more collaborative than in 2020. The popularity of social media and a customer first approach enables us to be first to market with products which solve installation dilemmas We’re always happy to hear ‘do you think you could look into how it could…’.

If you have a product idea or suggestions to improve the products even further then get in touch with our team at [email protected]