TM-TELE Telescopic Projector Ceiling Mount


TM-TELEv2 short> Universal projector ceiling mount with telescopic pole
> Overall length 440-735 mm (17.32″ – 28.94″)
> Full adjustment: tilt at top for sloping ceilings / pitch and roll at the bottom



TM-TELEv2 angle longThe TM-TELE Techmount is a projector ceiling bracket for anchoring any data projector safely to a ceiling. The telescopic design allows fast deployment and adjustment without the need cut and drill the pole. It has a greater range than most other telescopic mounts and the pole can be removed for “flush-mounting” the projector as close to the ceiling as possible. Note: unlike the TM-1200 the length of this bracket cannot be extended.

One-Man Installation
Thoughtful design detail include a length adjustment clamp system which requires only one hand.

Sloping Ceilings
A tilting mechanism is included which tilts to a full 90 degrees, allowing you to use the bracket as a boom if need be.

Safety Approved
A back-up fall-arrest tether is included which secures the projector to your bracket, and the pole has a mechanical stop so that the two parts of the pole cannot be separated. Vision recommends a maximum safe working load of 10kg which is well within the limits of the product and meets the BSi installation standard specification (PAS122:2009).

Easy fit
Projectors have threaded inserts in the bottom for attachment – but not all use the same diameter screws so Vision includes a selection to suit most projectors. Simply locate the “spider” arms on our bracket over the attachment holes, and insert a screw into the projector.

Obstruction-free Cable Management
Vision’s unique ‘chute-through’ system leaves cable access clear – even for big VGA connectors.

Tools Included
A spanner and pin-hex key are included. Vision also includes a hex-key bit for a power drill to speed up installation.

Quick-release mechanisms make life easier for thieves, so the TM-TELE is secure and features security bolts.

Quick Manual


BOX DIMENSIONS: 393 x 150 x 80 mm / 15.47″ x 5.91″ x 3.15″

PACKAGED WEIGHT: 3 kg / 6.61 lbs

SAFE WORKING LOAD: 10kg / 22.05 lbs

COLOUR: Satin White


1 x H50 Pin-Hex key
1 x 17mm (0.7″) Spanner
4 x M3 43mm (1.7″) screws
4 x M4 43mm (1.7″) screws
4 x M5 43mm (1.7″) screws
4 x M6 43mm (1.7″) screws
4 x M2.5 43mm (1.7″) pan slot
4 x M8 50mm (2.0″) Ceiling Fixtures with rawl plugs
1 x Safety Tether
1 x Ceiling Trim Disc

WARRANTY: Lifetime return-to-base


ORDER PART CODE: TM-TELE [EU SAP: 2418655 / US SAP: 12939544]

TM-TELE dimensionsTM ceiling plate dimensions

TM-TELEv2 angle short TM-TELEv2 long