TC3 Connectivity Modules

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TC3 3.5MM [EU SAP:3446210 / US SAP: 12980820] 3.5mm (0.14″) module



TC3 3PHO [EU SAP:3446571 / US SAP: 12980821] 3-Phono module

TC3 BLANK [EU SAP:3446572 / US SAP: 12980822] Blank module


TC3 DP [EU SAP:4319629 / US SAP: 13041723] VISION DISPLAYPORT MODULE – DisplayPort socket on front with short cable at rear with female DP connector. DP v1.2. Carries digital audio and video over one cable. AWG 30. Maximum resolution 4K @ 60 Hz. Outer diameter 7.2mm. Total overall length: 250mm (0.8 ft).

TC3 HDMI [EU SAP:3446573 / US SAP: 12980823] HDMI module 2.0 (4K) AWG 28 – tail 200mm (7.87″) long.
Note: Supports 4K with input and output cables no longer than 3 metres (10ft) each, depending on the quality of the cables.


TC3 PWREU [EU SAP: 3446575 / US SAP: 12980825] EU Power module
Grounded Schuko power socket. Requires 3 modules spaces. Comes with 850mm (33.46″) power cable pre-terminated. Cable colour: black


TC3 RJ45 [EU SAP:3446576 / US SAP: 12980826] RJ45 module  (Cat5e)



TC3 2RJ45 [EU SAP:3446209 / US SAP: 12980819] Twin RJ45 module (Cat5e/Cat6)



TC3 SERIALM [EU SAP:3446577 / US SAP: 12980827] Serial Male module


TC3 SPEAKER [EU SAP:3446578 / US SAP: 12980828] Speaker module


TC3 SPEAKON [EU SAP:3446579 / US SAP: 12980829] Speakon module




TC3 USBA [EU SAP:3446580 / US SAP: 12980830] USB-A 3.0 module

TC3 USBB [EU SAP:3446581 / US SAP: 12980831] USB-B 3.0 module


TC3 USBB+ [EU SAP:3446582 / US SAP: 12980832] USB-b 3.0 module with active booster circuit. Maximum input cable length: 10m
Note: Uses 5v from USB. For longer cables external power may be required.
Spare power supply for old 2.0 module: TC2 P12V0.5A [SAP:2940992] note: any 12v power supply with greater than 0.5A can be used.
Spare power supply for current 3.0 module: TC2 P5V2A [SAP:2940996] note: any 5v power supply with greater than 2A can be used.

TC3 USBPW [SAP:3985223] Mobile Phone charging module. Auto current adjustment. Comes with 12 volt / 2 amp power supply. Plastic front panel.  Power through so it can share a PSU with other 12v Vision products. ***EOL***


TC3 VGAF [EU SAP:3446584 / US SAP: 12980835] VGA female module


TC3 VGAF3.5MM [EU SAP:3446585 / US SAP: 12980837] VGA+3.5mm (0.14″) module


TC3 VGAF3.5MMD [EU SAP:3446586 / US SAP: 12980818] VGA+3.5mm (0.14″) D module


TC3 VGAFD [EU SAP:3498783 / US SAP: 12980836] VGA female D module


TC3 XLRFJACK [EU SAP:3446588 / US SAP: 12980838] XLR Female and 6.3mm (0.25″) Jack Combo module


**NEW! Due August** TC3 BRUSH [EU SAP:4726966 / US SAP: 13333558] BRUSH MODULE – Simple double-width module with hole for pulling cables out. Brushes over 42 x 22 mm (1.65″ x 0.87″) cable aperture. Plastic front panel.