TC3 TILT Closing Cover Faceplate

Techconnect3 Tilt


The “Techconnect3 Tilt” is an alternative “surround” for the Techconnect system which has a closing cover to hide the AV faceplate. Constructed of cast alloy for a high-quality finish expected in boardrooms.

Like Vision’s other surrounds it comes in two parts; the metal surround that the modules fix to, and the outer cover that clips over.


Wall Mount

It fits to a wall-mounted 2-gang UK backbox (or mudring if the wall is hollow).

Metal Faceplate
This “letterbox-style” format brings all the benefits of the Techconnect system into high end meeting rooms where white plastic faceplates are not suitable.

TC3-TILT_with_modulesTable Mount – Plug-In

Fix the metal surround directly to a table, then clip the outer cover on. Then choose up to five passive or active modules from the Techconnect system to fit.

Eliminate Trip Hazard
When meeting participants sit around a table a centrally-mounted faceplate should be used. It makes it easier to access and avoids cables dangling off to a distance faceplate.


Table Mount – Pull-Up

An alternative “Pull-Up” version of the “Tilt” comes with a box which drops into the hole in the table and allows cables to be pulled up from below.

Cable Retraction
Six weights are included to help retract the cables.

Always short on power sockets?
Up to six cables of any kind can be installed, including standard figure-8 (C7) and cloverleaf (C5), so users can just pull them up and plug them into their laptop power transformer. Enough power for everybody!




Techconnect is a modular audio-visual faceplate family engineered especially for AV installers.

Improved Fit and Finish
Techconnect3 has more space behind the modules stash cables, and narrower and more even gaps between modules.

Techconnect3 has shorter modules and extra ribbing to reduce module flex. On parts where flex is desirable to avoid shattering ABS plastic is used.

Screw-In Modules
The modules have a tab that hooks into the surround at the bottom, then a couple of turns of the pre-installed screws locks the modules into place

Passive and Active Modules
Vision offer a range of modules for AV, IT, and pro-audio applications, plus active modules which boost USB or extend HDMI, VGA, and USB signals over CAT6 cable. You can even install a powerful audio amplifier module or a universal controller module right next to the connectivity modules. The faceplate is close at hand and securely fastened in place.

Plug-In Cables
Vision offer professional cables. VGA, Phono (RCA), and Minijack Techconnect cables have phoenix connectors on one end which plugs right in to the rear of the modules. These phoenix connectors can easily be removed to pull cables.

EDID Support
Vision’s VGA cable included the SDA and SCL data lines to support EDID handshakes which allows the display device to communicate its supported display modes.

No Soldering
Faceplates that require soldering take time build onsite, and – even for experts – create a possible point of failure in the system. Techconnect de-risks an installation.





CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: Cast Alloy, sheet metal

COLOUR: Silver

CUT OUT SIZE: 125 x 75mm/ 4.92″ x 2.95″ for both TC3-TILT and TC3-TILTPU


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 146 x 90 x 19 mm / 5.75″ x 3.54″ x 0.75″ (length x width x depth)
POLY BAG SIZE: 120 x 200 mm / 4.72″ x 7.87″
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 3.4 kg / 7.5 lb
PACKAGED WEIGHT: 5.0 kg /11.02 lb




PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 146 x 90 x 69 mm / 5.75″ x 3.54″ x 2.72″ (length x width x depth)
PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 160 x 100 x 75 mm / 6.3″ x 3.94″ x 2.95″
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 3.4 kg / 7.5 lb
PACKAGED WEIGHT: 5.0 kg /11.02 lb
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: Surround: Alloy / Backbox: Metal
ACCESSORIES: 6 x Cable Weights