TC3 Surface Hub Faceplate Package

Microsoft Surface Hub Package


Microsoft’s Surface Hub has an internal computer but it can also act as a display for an external PC. The connectivity panel is hard to reach, so Vision’s Techconnect is the perfect solution for meeting room installations! Position the connectivity close at hand for easy access.



These packages contains a selection of modules and cables for the most commonly used connectivity. Choose from 3, 5, or 10 metre cables (10, 16, 30 ft). This package picks up the connectivity circled here:



TC3-10MHUBPACKTechconnect is a modular audio-visual faceplate family engineered especially for AV installers.

A “surround” which comes in two parts fits to a backbox (or “mudring” if your wall is hollow), then the modules fix in place to complete the installation. Techconnect is based around standard UK backbox sizes, and Vision also offers mounting hardware for other countries.

Screw-In Modules
The modules have a tab that hooks into the surround at the bottom, then a couple of turns of the pre-installed screw lock the module into place.

Passive and Active Modules
Vision offer pass-through modules for AV, IT, and pro-audio applications, plus active modules which boost USB or extend HDMI, VGA, and USB signals over CAT6 cable. You can even install a powerful audio amplifier module or a universal controller module right next to the connectivity modules. The faceplate is close at hand and securely fastened in place.TC3-PK_module_assembly_with_amp

Plug-In Cables
Vision offer professional cables. VGA, Phono (RCA), and Minijack Techconnect cables have phoenix connectors on one end which plugs right in to the rear of the modules. These phoenix connectors can easily be removed to pull cables.

No Soldering
Faceplates that require soldering take time to build onsite, and – even for experts – create a possible point of failure in the system. Techconnect de-risks an installation.

Package Contents


1 x 2-Gang UK Mudring
(flush mount) 146 x 86 x 45mm / 5.7″ x 3.4″ x 1.8″ TC2 MUDRING2G [SAP:1643908]

TC2 MUDRING2G front angle TC2 MUDRING2G rear angleTC2 MUDRING2G frontTC2 MUDRING2G front insituTC2 MUDRING2G rear insituTC2_MUDRING2G_dims

1 x 2-Gang “Tilt” Surround
Includes surround and quality metal cover with closing lid. Can fix to a wall-mounted backbox (or Mudring if your wall is hollow), or can fix to a table (metal clip fixes directly to table surface from above).
Accommodates 5 modules. 146 x 86 x 8mm / 5.7″ x 3.4″ x 0.3″ TC3-TILT [SAP:3446604]
TC3-TILTTC3-TILT_closed TC3-TILT_with_modules




1 x VGA with Minijack TC3 VGAF3.5MM [SAP:3446585]

TC3_VGAF3.5MMDTC3_VGAF3.5MM_front_angleTC3_VGAF3.5MM_rear_angle TC3_VGAF3.5MM_dims
1 x USB (B-type on front) TC3 USBB [SAP:3446581]

TC3_USBB+ TC3_USBB_front_angle TC3_USBB_rear_angle TC3_USBB_dims

1 x HDMI TC3 HDMI [SAP:3446573]

TC3_HDMI TC3_HDMI_front_angle TC3_HDMI_rear_angleTC3_HDMI_dimsTC3_HDMI_close_up
2x Blank TC3 BLANK [SAP:3446572]

TC3_BLANK TC3_BLANK_front_angle TC3_BLANK_rear_angleTC3_BLANK_dims



1 x VGA
TC2 VGA Cable
White, Ferrite core to stop RF interference. A moulded connector on one end, and a male phoenix connector on the other end which can be plugged directly into the rear of module. Gold-plated male to male HD15 (15 pin) connector. Sheath PVC, outer diameter: 8.0 mm, Conductor thickness: 28AWG, Drain wire laid between aluminum mylar and braid, Al-Mg alloy wire overall, >65% coverage braided shield. Impedance: at 10MHz, 75Ω (coaxial cable), Resistance 20℃(Ω/1000m) 237.25.
TC2 3MVGA [SAP:3000667]
TC2 5MVGA [SAP:2042118]
TC2 10MVGA [SAP:1461166]
TC2 15MVGA [SAP:1461168]


1 x 3.5mm Minijack
TC2 3.5MM Cable



High-grade white installation cable. A moulded connector on one end, and a male phoenix connector on the other end which can be plugged directly into the rear of a Techconnect faceplate module.
TC2 3M3.5MM [SAP:3000665]
TC2 5M3.5MM [SAP:2042096]
TC2 10M3.5MM [SAP:1461164]
TC2 15M3.5MM [SAP:1474524]


1 x HDMI




White, 4K compliant, High-Speed (Category 2) with Ethernet, HDMI 1.4, Gold-plated HDMI-A connectors, Sheath: outer diameter: 9.5mm, Conductor thickness: ≤ 5 m 28 AWG (American Wire Gauge) / 10 m 26 AWG / 15 m 24 AWG. Sheath outer diameter: ≤ 5 m 7.3 mm (≤16.4 ft 0.29″) / 10 m 8.0 mm (32.81 ft 0.31″) / 15 m 9.5 mm (49.21 ft 0.37″).
TC2 3MHDMI [SAP:3000666]
TC2 5MHDMI [SAP:2746863]
TC2 10MHDMI [SAP:2746864]
TC2 15MHDMI [SAP:2746865]


1 x USB

TC2 USB Cable 15m

White, High speed USB cable, Ferrite cores on both ends to stop RF interference, Gold-plated USB-A to USB-B connectors, Insulation: HDPE, Sheath: PVC, outer diameter: 4.8mm, Conductor thickness: 28+24AWG, Bandwidth: 480Mbit/s, more than 65% coverage braided shield. In-line active booster (48mm long x 25mm wide) integrated half way along cable.
TC 3MUSB [SAP:3004700]
TC 5MUSB [SAP:3004951]
TC2 10MUSB+ [SAP:3244188]
TC2 15MUSB+ [SAP:3004953]




TC3-3MHUBPACK [SAP: 3938511]
TC3-5MHUBPACK [SAP: 3912500]
TC3-10MHUBPACK [SAP: 3693007]