TC2 Connectivity Modules

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TC2 1PHO [SAP:1643910] 1-Phono module

TC2 2HOLE [SAP:3095563] Dual-Hole Module
Allows the table-mounted Techconnect Tilt to have cables pulled through. Accomodates up to 2 cables.
Can retrofit any cable of any length – including power cables.
Two weight clamps included to help retract cables.
Cable up to 8mm (0.31″) diameter. Actual hole diameter 9.2mm (0.36″).

TC2 2HOLETC2 2HOLE with cable
TC2 2PHOVOL [SAP:1643911] 2-Phono Vol module

TC2 3.5MM [SAP:1740258] 3.5mm (0.14″) module


TC2 3PHO [SAP:1643926] 3-Phono module

TC2 BLANK [SAP:1643928] Blank module

TC2 F [SAP:1643930] F module – Includes EU and UK barrels

TC2 HDMI [SAP:1643913] HDMI module 1.4 AWG 28 – tail 200mm (7.87″) long

TC2 PWREU [SAP: 2142593] EU Power module
Grounded Schuko power socket. Requires 3 modules spaces. Comes with 850mm (33.46″) power cable pre-terminated. Cable colour: black
TC2 PWREU front angleTC2 PWREU front TC2 PWREU rear angle

TC2 PWRUK [SAP: 2341008] UK Power module
TC2 PWRUK rear angle TC2 PWRUK front TC2 PWRUK front angle

TCUS PWR [SAP:2127265] US Power module

TC2 RJ45 [SAP:1643915] RJ45 module  (Cat5e)


TC2 2RJ45 [SAP:1643916] Twin RJ45 module (Cat5e/Cat6)


TC2 SERIALM [SAP:1643931] Serial Male module

TC2 SPEAKER [SAP:1643932] Speaker module

TC2 SPEAKON [SAP:1643933] Speakon module


TC2 USBA [SAP:1643918] USB-a module

TC2 USBB [SAP:1643919] USB-b module

TC2 USBB+ [SAP:2971388] USB-b module with active booster circuit. USB 2.0 Maximum input cable length: 10m
Note: Uses 5v from USB. For longer cables external power may be required.
TC2 USBB+ angle TC2 USBB+ rear

TC2 VGAF [SAP:1643901] VGA female module

TC2 VGAF3.5MM [SAP:1643902] VGA+3.5mm (0.14″) module

TC2 VGAF3.5MMD [SAP:1643904] VGA+3.5mm (0.14″) D module

TC2 VGAM [SAP:1643905] VGA male module

TC2 XLRFJACK [SAP:2124068] XLR Female and 6.3mm (0.25″) Jack Combo module