TC2 Table-Mount Faceplate Packages


TC2-TILT2 with TC2 2HOLE> Uses “Techconnect Tilt2 table box
> Moves connectivity faceplate to table to eliminate trip hazards
> Pull cables up or plug cables in
> Any cable of any length can be pulled up



TC2-TILT2 explodedBased around the Techconnect Tilt2 table box these packages compliment modern meeting room décor with sleek design and quality materials. The system allows convenient placement of the AV faceplate in a table surface within easy reach to eliminate trip hazards.

Techconnect Tilt2
Constructed of Aluminium with a thin 6.5mm (0.26″) bezel. The chassis is 96mm (3.78″) deep and can be mounted into tables or floors. A cutting guide is moulded into the chassis to allow the depth to be reduced if necessary.

Manual Lid
With a manually operated flip-up lid the chassis can be smaller and there is no gas ram to go wrong. The lid opens to 130 degrees. A brush (black part in image) allows cables to exit with the lid closed to hide any mess.

TC2 2HOLE with cableFuture-Proof
If at any time you want to change the way your table faceplate is configured you can use the parts you already have and just add what you need.

The surround can be mounted at the top just under the lid to give easy access to modules. Vision offer simple packages below which contain the basic connectivity modules you need to get started, or you can buy the Techconnect Tilt2 box without modules and add what you need. The clever modular design allows even a Techconnect Control or Amplifier module to be integrated into the table.

The surround can be fitted 65mm (2.56″) below the surface, allowing the Tilt2 to be used in Pull-Up mode. Vision offers a simple package which allows up to ten cables to be pulled up through the faceplate. Any cable of any length can be pulled up and weights are included to help retract the cables after use. Note: the maximum thickness of cables is 8mm (0.31″).

Other faceplates offer one or two power sockets but Vision’s table faceplate can accommodate enough power for everyone at the table.


Plug-In Packages

Pull-Up Packages

All the modules you need for a basic table-mounted faceplate, in one box ready to drop into the table.A simple pull-up style faceplate which includes weights which fit to the cable to help retract.
1 x Techconnect Tilt2 163mm (6.42″) long x 126mm (4.96″) wide x 96mm (3.78″) deep
Reorder code: TILT2 [SAP:2643079]TC2-TILT2 front angle in table
1 x Techconnect Tilt2 163mm (6.42″) long x 126mm (4.96″) wide x 96mm (3.78″) deep
Reorder code: TC2-TILT2 [SAP:2643079] TC2-TILT2 front angle in table
1 x 2-Gang Surround (accommodates 5 modules) 146 x 86 x 8mm (5.75″ x 3.39″ x 0.31″) Reorder code: TC2 SURR2G [SAP:1622104]
TC2 SURR2G front angle
1 x 2-Gang Surround (accommodates 5 modules) 146 x 86 x 8mm (5.75″ x 3.39″ x 0.31″)
Reorder code: TC2 SURR2G [SAP:1622104]
TC2 SURR2G front angle
 1 x VGA with Minijack Module Reorder code: TC2 VGAF3.5MM [SAP:1643902]
1 x HDMI  Module Reorder code: TC2 HDMI [SAP:1643913]
1 x Power Socket Module Reorder code: TC2 PWRUK [SAP:2341008] or TC2 PWREU [SAP:2142593]
5 x Dual-Hole Modules Reorder code: 5 x  TC2 2HOLE [SAP:3095563]
1 x Blanking panel Module Reorder code: 1 x TC2 BLANK [SAP:1643928]
TC2 VGAF3.5MM front angleTC2 HDMI front angleTC2 PWRUK front angleTC2 PWREU front angle TC2 2HOLETC2 2HOLETC2 2HOLETC2 2HOLETC2 2HOLETC2 BLANK front angle 
Note: The power socket modules require 3 modules spaces. The EU (Schuko) version comes with 850mm (33.46″) power cable pre-terminated. 
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 163mm x 126 x 105mm / 6.42″ x 4.96″ x 4.13″ (Techconnect Tilt2)PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 163mm x 126 x 105mm / 6.42″ x 4.96″ x 4.13″ (Techconnect Tilt2)
PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 193 x 156 x 105 mm / 7.6″ x 6.14″ x 4.13″PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 193 x 156 x 105 mm / 7.6″ x 6.14″ x 4.13″
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.45 kg / 0.99 lb (Techconnect Tilt2 only)PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.45 kg / 0.99 lb (Techconnect Tilt2 only)
PACKAGED WEIGHT: 0.6 kg / 1.32 lb (Techconnect Tilt2 only)PACKAGED WEIGHT: 0.6 kg / 1.32 lb (Techconnect Tilt2 only)
CUT OUT: 151 x 114mm / 5.94″ x 4.49″CUT OUT: 151 x 114mm / 5.94″ x 4.49″
COLOUR: Aluminium and WhiteCOLOUR: Aluminium and White
CONTRUCTION MATERIAL: Aluminium and PlasticCONTRUCTION MATERIAL: Aluminium and Plastic
WARRANTY: 3-year return to baseWARRANTY: 3-year return to base
With UK power socket (BS1363): TC2-TILT2-UK [SAP:3375120]
With EU power socket (CEE 7/7 SCHUKO): TC2-TILT2-EU [SAP:3375119]
TC2-TILT2-PU [SAP:3375121]


Part number for Techconnect Tilt2 only:
TC2-TILT2 [SAP: 2643079] Note: comes with 2-gang surround

Alternative surface-mounted backbox:
TC2 BACKBOX2GT [SAP:2485132] Note: surround and modules not included. If you’re confused about what you need use our configurator.
TC2 BACKBOX2GT front angleTC2 BACKBOX2GT front angle with modules

Vision offer a wide range of cables. To find the cables you need click here.

TC2-TILT2 top TC2-TILT2 side TC2-TILT2 front angle TC2-TILT2 front angle open TC2-TILT2 front angle in table with cable TC2-TILT2 front angle in table open TC2-TILT2 from above open TC2-TILT2 end in tableTC2-TILT2-EU

TC2-TILT2-PU insituTC2-TILT2_CUBBYTC2-TILT2-EU insituTC2-TILT2-UK insitu