TC2 Wall-Mount Faceplate Packages


> Future-proof clip-in modular faceplate packages
> Plug-in cables don’t require soldering
> Wide range of spare modules and cables available
> Packages contain basic selection of modules required for typical AV installation.


The Techconnect is a versatile modular audio-visual faceplate designed for AV installers. A front surround fits to a backbox or mudring, then robust modules clip in to complete the installation. The system allows seamless integration of connectivity, audio, and control.

Buy connectivity modules, mounting hardware, and cables individually, or buy a package as a basis then add as you need.

Techconnect Configurator
If you don’t know where to start tell the Techconnect Configurator which modules you need and it will output a shopping list.

Plug-In Cables
Most modules feature plug-in phoenix connectors on the rear. Cables come pre-terminated with male connectors which simply plug in to the rear of the modules. Need to shorten or pull a cable? Just unscrew the captive-screw connector. Techconnect offers the speed of a pre-terminated system with the flexibility you sometimes need.

Shallow Modules
The VGA module is just 33mm (1.3″) deep from the  front of the module to the back.

Standard Backboxes
Techconnect packages come with a surface-mounted ‘2-gang UK backbox’ and a matching ‘Surround’ which the modules clip into. All parts are made from flexible plastic – not brittle plastic.

Quick and Easy
No soldering is necessary is and it simple enough that even an inexperienced technician can install it. The modules are interchangeable and future-proof.

Additional Modules
All items in these packages are available individually and a wide range of other connectivity modules are available for AV, home-cinema, pro-audio, and networking applications. Vision also offer active modules such as VGA-over-CAT5, USB-over-CAT5, and HDMI-over-CAT5.

TC2 VGAF plugging in frontEDID on VGA
Vision’s quality VGA cable has SDA and SCL data lines to support EDID handshakes which allows the display device to communicate its supported display modes.

Installation-Grade Cable
When choosing cable don’t be fooled by a thick cable jacket. A major cost component of cables is copper, so cheap cables have less copper. Compromising can result in cable which doesn’t support high resolutions, and results in flagging or image jitter. The cross-sectional area of Techconnect cable conductors allows sufficient current-carrying capacity to support high resolution signal, and the shielding is evenly wound. Ferrite Cores on VGA, USB, and HDMI cables eliminate RF induction noise.


Lite Packages

Optimised for analogue-based AV installations, the “Techconnect Lite” packages provide a great starting point which can be built on. Two spare slots are available for other types of connectivity modules, or Vision’s Amplifier or Control modules.
Cables are sold in separate packages allowing you flexiblity. Cable packages available in 3, 5, 10, and 15m lengths.
1 x 2-Gang UK Backbox (surface mount) 146 x 86 x 45mm / 5.7″ x 3.4″ x 1.8″
 Reorder code:  TC2 BACKBOX2G [SAP:1620805]
1 x 2-Gang Surround (accommodates 5 modules) 146 x 86 x 8mm / 5.7″ x 3.4″ x 0.3″
 Reorder code:  TC2 SURR2G [SAP:1622104]
TC2 SURR2G front angleTC2 BACKBOX2G front angle
1 x VGA with Minijack Module Reorder code: TC2 VGAF3.5MM [SAP:1643902]
1 x USB (B-type on front)  Module Reorder code: TC2 USBB [SAP:1643919]
1 x 3-Phono  Module Reorder code: TC2 3PHO [SAP:1643926]
3 x Blanking panels Module Reorder code: TC2 BLANK [SAP:1643928]
TC2 VGAF3.5MM front angleTC2 3PHO front angleTC2 USBB front angleTC2 BLANK front angleTC2 BLANK front angleTC2 BLANK front angle
1 x VGA Cables
1 x Minijack Cable
1 x 1-phono (RCA) Cable for Composite Video
1 x 2-phono (RCA) Cable for Stereo Audio
TC2 VGA CableTC2 1PHO CableTC2 2PHO CableTC2 3.5MM Cable
Alternative Image:
3m reorder codes:
TC2 3M1PHO [SAP:3000663]
TC2 3M2PHO [SAP:3000664]
TC2 3M3.5MM [SAP:3000665]
TC2 3MVGA [SAP:3000667]
5m reorder codes:
TC2 5M1PHO [SAP:2042094]
TC2 5M2PHO [SAP:2042095]
TC2 5M3.5MM [SAP:2042096]
TC2 5MVGA [SAP:2042118]
10m reorder codes:
TC2 10M1PHO [SAP:1461162]
TC2 10M2PHO [SAP:1461163]
TC2 10M3.5MM [SAP:1461164]
TC2 10MVGA [SAP:1461166]
15m reorder codes:
TC2 15M1PHO [SAP:1472522]
TC2 15M2PHO [SAP:1472523]
TC2 15M3.5MM [SAP:1474524]
TC2 15MVGA [SAP:1461168]
Module Package:150 x 90 x 60mm ( 5.9″ x 3.5″ x 2.4″)
3/5m Cable Package: 250 x 250 x 55mm (9.8″ x 9.8″ x 2.2″)
10/15m Cable Package: 250 x 250 x 66mm (9.8″ x 9.8″ x 2.6″)
FACEPLATE DIMENSIONS: 146 x 86 x 46mm (5.8″ x 3.4″ x 1.8″)
Module Package:0.4kg /0,9 lb
3m Cable Package: 0.8kg / 1.8 lb
5m Cable Package: 1.0kg / 2.2 lb
10m Cable Package: 1.8kg / 4.0 lb
15m Cable Package: 2.5kg / 5.5 lb
 COLOUR: White
WARRANTY: Lifetime return-to-base
2 years onsite (UK only)
4K Compliant
TC2-LT [SAP:1643286]
TC2-LT3MCABLES [SAP:3042971]
TC2-LT5MCABLES [SAP:1740257]
TC2-LT10MCABLES [SAP:1643287]
TC2-LT15MCABLES [SAP:1643288]
Or buy in convenient bundles:TC2-LT+LT3MCABLES[ SAP:3045417]
TC2-LT+LT10MCABLES [SAP:1688515]
TC2-LT+LT15MCABLES [SAP:1688516]




CAD Files

Alternative Belgian Package:
Like the Lite package, but comes with a surround which fits Le Grand 65mm (2.6″) trunking which is popular in Belgium. Faceplate dimensions: 210 x 68mm (8.3″ x 2.7″).
TC2-BE [SAP:2925546]
TC2-BE+5MCABLES[ SAP:2927354]
TC2-BE+10MCABLES [SAP:2927355]
TC2-BE+15MCABLES [SAP:2927356]

TC2-FR with dimensions TC2-FR rear angle TC2-FR+LT CABLES TC2-FR front TC2-FR front with modules TC2-FR front angle TC2-FR front angle insitu