TC2-HDMIW7 Wireless HDMI


TC2-HDMIW7> Transmits HDMI wirelessly up to 7 metres (23 ft)
> Transmitter plugs into laptop
> Uncompressed 1080p @ 60Hz


TC2-HDMIW7 Tx topStream the content from your laptop screen straight to a flat-panel or projector with ease. Just plug the transmitter dongle in to your laptop HDMI port and it will automatically start sending to the receiver positioned at the display. No software or drivers necessary. As long as you have an HDMI port or a DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor it will work.

Presentation Applications
While this product can be used with any HDMI device it is optimised for teaching and meeting room environments. Its practical ease of use will eliminate technical problems and let presenters get on with presenting.

TC2-HDMIW7 Tx side7 Metre Range
An internal antenna in the transmitter gives a range of between 2 to 7 metres for HD content – further if your content is lower resolution. Too close or too far away and the image will degrade. It uses the same 5GHz band as modern wifi routers so it will work through dry-walls but performance drops off with distance and physical obstacles, so we recommend using in the same room.

No Cable Clutter
Switching to wireless allows you to eliminate the ugly tangle of cables. Keep your decor clean and uncluttered.TC2-HDMIW7 Rx top

WHDI Technology
Currently the best wireless technology available WHDI by Amimon sends uncompressed HD video with no compromise. It operates in the 5GHz frequency band and uses Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) to select a clear channel for transmission. The signal is made secure with 128 bit AES encryption.

Supports up to 1080p and it is 3D ready if you have an available 40 MHz channel. It is HDMI 1.3 with HDCP 1.2 compliance. Note HDMI 1.4 features not supported are ARC (Audio Return Channel), Ethernet, and 4K.

No Latency
With an incredible latency of less than 1 millisecond, there is practically no delay or latency.

Backup Power
The transmitter dongle requires 500-1000 mA of current to function. HDMI ports are required to output up to 55mA but most laptops output a lot more so in most cases it will work. In case it doesn’t Vision includes a USB cable to get additional power from a USB port, and if that doesn’t work a spare mains power adaptor is included.

TC2-HDMIW7 Rx rearWHDI vs Other Technology
It can be hard to tell which wireless technology is best. Intel’s® WIDI allows you to send from any Windows laptop which has a new Intel processor to a Miracast receiver. The Miracast receiver can also display content from iOS or Android devices. And while some new products are emerging which work for Mac as well, all of these products require fiddly setup. Vision’s WHDI wireless products make it really simple: they work with any device which has an HDMI output.



TRANSMITTER DIMENSIONS: 83 x 30 x 17 mm / 3.3″ x 1.2″ x .67″  (length x width x height)

RECEIVER DIMENSIONS: 95 x 95 x 32 mm / 3.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.3″ (length x width x height)

PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 244 x 185 x 59 mm / 9.6″ x 7.3″ x 2.3″ (length x width x height)

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 300 g / 0.66 lbs (set)




Maximum Video Format Supported: 1920×1080 / 1080P @ 60Hz 3D
Video: HDMI 1.3 with HDCP 1.2
Data transfer rate 40 Mhz channel: 3Gbps (1080P @ 60Hz)
Data transfer rate 20 Mhz channel: 1.5Gbps (1080P @ 30Hz)
Audio: Up to 6 Mbps AC3 and DTS, 2 Channel PCM @ 24 bits up to 96kHz
Operating Temperature Range: 0-40°C
Operating Humidity Range: < 80 % RH (no condensation)
Transmitter Power Consumption: 7.5 watts
Receiver Power Consumption: 7.5 watts
Latency: < 1ms
Maximum distance: 7 m (23 feet)
Encryption: 128 bit AES

1 x HDMI (type A) gold-plated input
1 x DC power (Mini USB-B for supplementary power if required)

1 x HDMI (type A) output
1 x DC Power (Mini USB-B)

2 x POWER SUPPLIES: 100-240v AC 50/60Hz 5 volt / 2 amp 10 watt. USB-A socket.
Transformer integrated into plug. Includes interchangeable plugs: UK/EU/US/AU. Transformer dimensions: 64 x 41 x 33 mm / 2.5″ x 1.6″ x 1.3″

1 x USB-A to mini-USB-B cable 450 mm / 18″ for transmitter PSU (black)
1 x USB-A to mini-USB-B cable 450 mm / 18″ for receiver PSU (black)
1 x HDMI Cable 1.5 m / 4,9 ft (black)

WARRANTY: Lifetime return-to-base
2 years onsite (UK only)