Over 300,000 meeting rooms around the world use Vision’s extremely reliable products. Vision has benchmarked itself against some of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers and has a world-class reliability record. We made RELIABLE a key word because we are passionate about making our products even more reliable. If you have feedback that could help make our products better, we want to hear it!

Warranty Details

All Vision products have a lifetime warranty, including Vision Media Players. Lifetime is defined as 30 years. For motorised floorstands, Vision provides a 5-year onsite warranty (UK only).

You are required to provide a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the fault. Some Vision products are very technical and require troubleshooting all elements of the installation as it may not be the Vision product at fault. The manufacturer may refuse to replace the item if an adequate description is not provided.

  • Lifetime applies to any product purchased after 1st February 2017. Prior to this date, it was 3 years.
  • This applies only to the original buyer and is not transferable.
  • This warranty protects you against failure of any components, including the power supply and damage when the product is first removed from its packaging if reported within 24 hours of purchase.
  • If the product is DOA (dead on arrival), you have 21 days from purchase date to notify the distributor or your reseller.
  • The original purchaser is responsible for shipment of the product to Vision’s appointed service centre.
  • The liability of Vision is limited to the cost of replacement of the faulty unit under warranty except for death or injury (EU85/374/EEC).
  • If the product is end of line (EOL) the Vision will provide a credit instead of replacement.
  • This warranty does not protect this product against faults caused by abuse, misuse, incorrect installation, unstable or faulty power input, or modification.
  • Conditions specific to the onsite service:
    • The manufacturer will not provide the onsite service if
      • The reseller or end user has been abusive
      • The user has is taking unfair advantage of this service
    • The manufacturer will pre-qualify the visit to ensure the fault relates to the Vision product.
    • The engineer visits are timed to ensure you are onsite and the room is accessible. A revisit WILL NOT be provided if access to the room is not provided at the arranged time. Engineers will wait 15 minutes only.

Vision aims to send a replacement item within 5 working days however this may not always be possible, in which case it will be sent as soon as practicably possible.

Raise Warranty Request

Outside of UK and Ireland:

  • End users: contact your reseller and ask for a replacement.
  • Resellers: contact your local distributor to raise an RMA. You will need the invoice reference.

UK and Ireland

  • DOA or damaged on arrival. Request a credit.
    • End users: contact your reseller and ask for a replacement.
    • Resellers: contact Maverick to raise an RMA. You will need the invoice reference.
  • Need a replacement or site visit (motorised floorstands only)
    • Complete form below

Phone Support

If you have questions please Contact Us at the bottom of the homepage or contact our distributor in your region. For immediate technical assistance call 0844 3510 140 (UK only).

Lifetime Returns

If you have an unopened product we will take it back for a credit.

  • It must be unopened
  • You must provide the original invoice reference
  • If the product was part of a kit and not sold individually we cannot take it back.