Techconnect is the modular AV faceplate family that has been designed to make AV installer’s lives easier. At every stage we have developed solutions that save time and ensure quality. 

Let’s say that you are creating an AV connection for a large meeting space. This is a BYOD environment that should be easily accessible to everyone, and increasingly, multiple inputs are a vital element of any meeting room. 

  • Select our DDA compliant surround, to maximise accessibility to users

  • Now you can select the modules you require:

  • Given the range of devices that will be brought by worker you could insert:

A VGA + 3.5mm audio module
Display port
A USB input

Whether the VGA and HDMI inputs are the most commonly used, or your room needs easily accessible volume control, our configurator enables you to customise its outputs both at the time of installation and retrospectively as you start to use the space. This means you can create a completely user focused piece of kit, which is future proofed for the development in technology. 

Techconnect is crafted from thermosetting polymer, removing the risky and time-consuming task of soldering onsite. Even for experts the soldering process has been known to create a possible point of failure in the system, and the modular system avoids that whole problem. 

On top of that, every product comes with the Vision lifetime warranty, so you know that your installation can be relied on for years to come.