Vision Room Scheduling

VRS EU SAP: 4359477 US SAP: 13332298

Shows meeting room calendar on touch display outside meeting room
Allows any room to be booked from any VRS touch display
Works with Office 365
Works on <a href=””>LG 10SM3TB </a>and <a href=””>Philips 10BDL3051T </a>digital signage tablets


Install VRS on your device to try it out for 14 days. The demo version gives you full functionality so you can test it with your calendar system. We love feedback, so let us know what you think!

Eliminate double-booking confusion; put VRS outside each meeting room to show who has reserved the room and when.


VRS is tested and works on LG 10SM3TB and Philips 10BDL3051T digital signage tablets. These devices use Power-over-Ethernet which is more reliable than wifi. VRS caches to ensure uninterrupted service, and it looks for updates every day without user intervention.

VRS comes on a MicroSD card which is inserted into the tablet to run the app.

VRS only runs on tested hardware. Need to run it on another Android device? Get in touch via contact us below so we can set this up for you.

Adhoc meetings

Users can walk up to any VRS display in your building, find a free room, and book it.

Extend or End

VRS can end and extend reservations. Setup is as simple as creating a e-mail user account for VRS to logon with and assigning read and write permissions.

No-Show Auto-Cancel

An optional start button can appear before a meeting is due to start. If the button is not pressed within a user-defined time the booking can be automatically cancelled. Choose for the booking to stay on the server or be deleted.

Office 365

VRS works natively with your existing 365 system. No special software. No licenses. No complexity. Reserve meeting rooms in your Outlook calendar as you normally would. VRS shows all booking relating to a given room. Note: Google Apps and other calendar systems no longer supported.

Serves One or Many

Use one touch display to serve a cluster of rooms, or one per room. Select “other rooms” to view other room calendars.

Calendar View

By default the calendar view is full screen, but users can opt to show company logos – up to 5 scrolling images. Users can choose to deactivate some or all of the buttons – other rooms, start, extend, and end. The calendar supports pinch and zoom and can be customised.


A optional weather icon warns delegates what to expect outside.

PIN Access to Settings

The settings page is now protected by pin access.

Occupancy Report

Choose to use Bluetooth to log nearby devices so that facility managers can create an indicative occupancy report. Enter an e-mail address in the settings field to be sent the csv file once a week. VRS captures proximity of nearby devices and the length of time they were nearby.

Advanced Exchange Features

Outlook Exchange allows rooms (resources) to be grouped into clusters in various ways. VRS support Room Lists (activate in PowerShell with command prompt), Distribution Lists – Ideal if you use a hosted server, and Room Name Filter – which simply filters on all the rooms with defined characters in their name e.g. “new york” (supports up to 100 rooms).


The network administrator creates a user for VRS to login with, and sets permissions to limit which room calendars a VRS device can read and write to.

  • VRS [EU SAP: 4359477 / US SAP: 13332298]
  • Country of Origin
  • China

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