Virtual Conference Bridge


Hosted platform which makes video conferencing systems interoperable
Acts as gateway between Skype for Business and legacy hardware systems
Simplifies user experience

Interoperability is one of the biggest challenges for businesses which are refreshing, buying additional end points, or even about to adopt a new video conferencing and collaboration solution. Vision Vmeet creates a virtual meeting space delivering a seamless experience for users of most video conferencing platforms and solutions (excluding Google Hangouts) through their own video conferencing interface.

Deferring investment?

Do you defer investing in video conferencing and collaboration solutions due to…

  • Initial investment costs?
  • Integration with legacy systems, maybe a mixed estate of platforms?
  • Integration with systems outside of your network?

Would you like to move your existing collaboration solution to the cloud but don’t want to you change your user experience, and risk reducing user engagement/adoption?


  • Increased usage of your existing video conferencing and collaboration solutions
  • Connect existing users on different platforms together instantly and seamlessly
  • No up-front investment into any additional on premise infrastructure
  • Flexible subscriptions available to suit your individual requirements
  • Retain an existing, familiar user interface so no risk of reduction in user engagement/adoption
  • Gain access to data that will allow you to manage and justify your infrastructure
  • Save up to 90%, when compared to a hardware interconnectivity / bridging solution


  1. I already have equipment. Why should I invest more? This cloud based solution will help you to maximise use of your existing infrastructure, extending conferencing out to customers and suppliers on disparate platforms and connecting your users through familiar interfaces, driving up adoption.
  2. We have displays already… can we use these? Easily transform these isolated presentation environments into collaboration spaces with the addition of simple VC solutions such as Logitech Group Kit or SRS. Both solutions supply the processing and user interfaces (camera, microphone and speakers) needed to create a V/C space and with the addition of Vmeet, you have a complete collaboration solution.
  3. How easy is this solution to deploy – will it just work? Yes Vmeet provides a seamless connection from your existing video equipment, connecting SIP, H.323 or IP addressed units, fully compatible with most legacy video conferencing solutions. This service can be deployed in as little as 80 minutes!
  4. What will the user experience be like? The user experience will be seamless; the users ‘normal’ interface is retained, therefore no re-training or adoption curve.
  5. Will I achieve any cost savings? Use the devices you have already invested in, increase usage and enjoy faster decision time as well as transitioning costs from Capex to Opex, saving up to 90% when compared to purchasing a hardware bridge.

Cloud based interoperability solution connecting users on most existing platforms.

ZERO upfront cost

No upfront investment and no requirement for management of additional physical infrastructure.

Familiar Interface

Users retain a familiar interface. No complex equipment.

Subscription Options

Easy range of subscriptions from ‘pay as you go’ to monthly or annual room costs.


Harness your data; knowing frequency of usage and quality of service enables you to manage and justify the return of investment across your complete conferencing estate.

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