Expert in audio visual components, Vision, has launched a new HDMI-over-IP Techconnect Matrix product to sit on both corporate and education networks.

This new product supports 4K at 60Hz, making it the most powerful Techconnect ever and can be setup without software. The simple channel LED on the front panel allows very fast manual setup and each transmitter can be set to a different channel and then adjusted to show the desired output.

For integration into more complex systems, Crestron and AMX drivers are included, and switching and scene switching are compatible via a free downloadable app or PC software. It also works for video-wall configurations up to 3×3 with IR pass-through – vital with displays without visible IR receivers to enable fast control for the user.

Stuart Lockhart, Visual Director, comments;

“The new product will replace an earlier generation product we discontinued some time ago. In our ongoing user research the product development team learnt that many network switches can’t always cope when providing enough power to many end points. By removing PoE, it not only enables trouble-shooting to be much easier, but brings the product cost down.

The product will be shipping from late October.


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