• TM-IFP

    Designed for heavy interactive flat-panels | Motorized 500mm up/down travel | Fix to floor or add optional wheels

  • TM-WB

    Motorized 420mm up/down travel | 1.5m telescopic boom | Wall mounted or portable variations


    Universal projector ceiling mount with telescopic pole | Overall length 440-735 mm | Full adjustment: tilt at top for sloping ceilings / pitch and roll at the bottom

  • TM-ST2

    Telescopic boom 930-1530mm (centre-of-projector to wall) | Projector can be mounted at any point along boom | Adjustable boom slope

  • TM-LCD

    1-size fits all flush-mount bracket for all LCD and Plasma screens | Thumb-screws reduce parts and make installation faster | Paper templates and spirit level make accurate installation simple

  • TM-CC

    Universal projector ceiling mount for close-to-ceiling installation | All parts included and arrives 95% assembled reducing time onsite | 4 fully adjustable spider arms fit 99% of projectors


    Universal projector security cage with audible alarms | Security is by clever design rather than thick heavy steel | Close-fitting – less obtrusive and more secure

  • TM-1200

    Projector ceiling mount with 1.1m pole cut to length onsite (overall length 1410mm) | All parts included e.g drilling jig, cathedral ceiling mechanism, trim disc etc. | Cables can be routed after assembly

  • TM-1200_FP

    Enables attachment of LCD screen to TM-1200 projector ceiling mount | Works for any size LCD using VESA 75 to 400 | Tilt adjustment and locking system