Techconnect is a fully integrated AV faceplate and signal management system. It is modular, future-proof, and simple.

  • TC3-HDMI14

    1:4 HDMI distribution amplifier | 4K @ 30 Hz | HDMI v1.4a


    Pre-selected package optimised for Microsoft Surface Hub | Clip-in modular faceplate package with cables | Plug-in cables don’t require soldering | Cables included 10m (33′) long; put faceplate where you need it

  • TC2-AMP4

    Extremely small 2 x 25 w (RMS) at 8 ohms Digital Amp | 2 x Stereo inputs (Input 1 duplicated on front and rear) | IR Remote control included

  • TC2-HDMIW20

    Transmits HDMI and IR wirelessly up to 20 metres | 2-Input HDMI switcher integrated into transmitter | IR Pass-though so you can control source devices remotely

  • TC2-HDMIW7

    Transmits HDMI wirelessly up to 7 metres | Transmitter plugs into laptop | Use Best-in-class ‘WHDI’ technology for uncompressed HD video


    Transmits HDMI and IR over existing electrical cables (230v only) | 2-input HDMI switcher integrated into transmitter | IR Pass-through so you can use your cable TV remote at the receiver


    HDMI repeater which can daisy-chain | Extracts analogue audio from HDMI | Active EDID management to solve problems


    Transmits HDMI over a network | Up to 200 transmitters and receivers | Matrix setup software included | Can be powered by PoE


    Carries HDMI signal over CAT5e cable up to 30m (50m with CAT6) | Supports 1080P (1920 x 1080) and 3D (30Hz) | Power adaptor required at both ends

  • TC2-LT

    Future-proof clip-in modular faceplate package | Plug-in cables don’t require soldering | Package contains basic selection of modules required for professional installers


    Transmits HDMI over a network | Signal can flow through up to three network switches | No cable length limit

  • TC2-HDMI41

    4:1 HDMI v1.4a switcher | RS-232 and IR controllable | Priority modes selectable

  • TC2-CTL3

    Control projectors etc via IR, RS-232, RS-485, and 12V | Schedule commands | Powered by mains power or batteries


    Carries VGA signal over CAT5e cable up to 60m (80m with CAT6) | Audio loops through transmitter (not carried over CAT5 cable) | Power adaptor can be used at either end


    Converts USB 1.1 signal to run over 40m ethernet cable | Comes with transmitter and receiver | Receiver powered to ensure it works with all interactive whiteboards

  • TC2-TILT2

    Uses “Techconnect Tilt2 table box | Moves connectivity faceplate to table to eliminate trip hazards | Pull cables up or plug cables in | Any cable of any length can be pulled up